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Hi Lana,

I enjoyed reading through your portfolio from the beginning to these recent ones. I like self-portraits because I am fascinated by how people might see themselves. Anyway, your work really shifted to a new level starting in about June of this year. Your earlier shots were fine, but the portraits you have been doing these past few months are great!

This one, for example. The photo is thoughtful, draws a person into it. I like also the post-processing you've been doing lately...really fascinating way of pulling the subject forward and desaturating the rest into a cool sepia tone (like on 2457, 36563, 656562, 65656, 9545, 23524 etc.). Dreamy but supersharp at the same time. Also, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but there are nice echos from the colors of the subject (your hair, the glasses, your sweater (now slate, not purple as in the previous one), etc.) and the field. You can see the same color echos in other shots as well (like 9545 from your shirt to the flowers).

Even the recent ones that are not as desaturated (like blue golden, autumn, etc.) are fantastic. Whatever vision you've gained in the last year keep developing it, these are great portraits!

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